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S-Corp or LLC

This decision will have major impact on your operations and taxes!

Don't trust this decision to anyone other than a specialized, trained tax professional. We fix more of the "wrong" decisions on this area than anything else. For some reason, the whole world seems to feel this is what they "know" about and most find out the hard way.

We offer an Entity Review meeting that will clear up the myths and help you make an informed decision about the type of entity you need to operate as. If you don't come to us for help, go to someone qualified as this is not a decision to play with.

Just some of the factors to consider:
- Did you know both have the same liability protection
- What are the record-keeping requirements
- Which is subject to Self-Employment Tax, 15.3%, in addition to Fed, State & County income taxes
- Which is subject to additional Medicare Tax related to Health Care Bill
- Which one requires that all "owners" follow specific rules on money in and out
- Which one will not allow an "owner" to get a 1099

- Which one will not allow a paycheck to an owner
- How is a home office handled on each
- How are "owner"-paid expenses handled
- What if you want/need a retirement account
- What is Reasonable Compensation
- Basis - WOW, there's a topic
- Do you need an accountable reimbursement plan
- What are specific tax rules related to:
* Meal policy
* Health insurance
* Retirement
* Loan policy
* Financing options
* Tax filings

If the person helping you make the decision can't address each of these issues and then some, you are with the wrong person. Call us today!